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Fallen Flag Studio was founded by Francesco Barsotti (@jakkizz) and Jonathan Costantini (@FireWasTaken) after taking a break from their third year at University in order to go full-time on the development of “Eldest Souls”, their first pixel-art, souls-like title. The two met in high school in their hometown of Rome, Italy, where the idea of creating games originated. They departed for university and studied Games Programming at the University of Derby in the UK. At a free Intel event in London, they teamed up with composer and sound designer Sergio Ronchetti (@SergioRonchetti). Soon after they met with United Label, publishing partner, who loved the idea of the game and supported them to achieve their goals and work towards what they envisioned.

Eldest Souls.


During their university studies, the two decided to work on a game, both to learn from the process and to follow their passion.
They tried to figure out what they enjoyed most out of the games they loved and how they could emulate those features, whilst still being unique. The result was Eldest Souls, a game that tries to combines features from the Souls series, boss-rush titles and a sprinkle of classic RPGs.

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Team and Collaborators

Co-Founder Designer and Programmer
Jonathan Costantini

Co-Founder and Programmer
Francesco Barsotti

Composer and Soundesigner
Sergio Ronchetti

Environmental Artist and pixel wizard(freelancer)
Dudko Dmitry

Boss Artist and pixel monk(freelancer)
Fernando Henrique

UI and Boss Artist pixel healer(freelancer)
Alexey Tronov



Eldest Souls

Fallen Flag Studio

Official Founding date:
October 30th, 2018


(relocating in LONDON UK)