Dev Blog 4: The Convention Circuit

Since the studio’s inception in October 2018, we have had the privilege (and travel stress) of attending 8 separate conventions over the last year.

That’s correct… 8!!

These include…
…Modena Nerd, Milan Games Week, EGX 2018 Birmingham, E3 2019 Los Angeles, Gamescon in Cologne, Indiecade Paris, EGX 2019 London and Berlin just last week.

Francesco at Milan Games last year…

Each one has been monumentally helpful in collecting feedback for the latest build and hearing first hand feedback from indie enthusiasts. Of all the conventions, E3 was definitely one of the highlights. Being in amongst the latest games and neighbouring some of the biggest studios in the world (no sweat there) was mind blowing, and a massive eye opener. We met some very passionate members of the media who diligently asked us all there is to know about the development of Eldest Souls, namely the lovely folks at Niche Gamer who previewed our demo. Even just last week at Berlin, came down to give their own thoughts on the game.

Having announced our official Steam page just a couple days before Berlin EGX (woop! woop!) it was very encouraging to hear so many gamers come and tell us they’ve already wishlisted the game. With the feedback and enthusiasm from the souls-like and indie game fans, we’re even more motivated and confident about our work and progress for Fallen Flag’s first title.

More updates soon!

Jonathan, Francesco and Sergio.

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