Dev Blog 1: Sprites & Shards, oh my!

Hello everyone!
We apologize for a long time since our last update, but we’ve been all very busy with working on some core features that we wanted to absolutely implement before our next events (More on those soon!). We’ll definitely start doing more updates as new, interesting features roll into the game.


We are going through a restyling of the game which mostly affected the player animations and the backgrounds as well as most of the objects in the world. We decided to make the sprites clearer and bigger, to be able to distinguish the different elements that are present on the screen while trying at the same time to keep our dirty/dark look.

The player had a quite big overhaul, with an all-new sprite sheet and animations system, that will hopefully enable us to achieve more cool stuff in the future (some examples further down). Two of the most drastic changes to the player are the cloak and the sword, which are now handled as unique 2D/3D objects, detached and animated on Unity.
We always wanted to experiment between 2D and 3D, and we’re glad out the first trial went well.
Most environment elements have gone through a restyle, increasing their size, changing colors palette and lighting.


We’ve finally started to implement our Talent Tree System and Shard System.
For this post, I’ll just give you a quick introduction to the Shard System, but in the next, you’ll definitely get an insight into the Talent Tree as well!


Shards are unique items that are obtained after defeating bosses.
They are the embodiment of the Old Gods and contain their very power.
The player will only be able to equip one at the time, but you will collect many as you go through the game. These Shards give you exciting, unique abilities; you might’ve spotted one at the end of the trailer!

Each shard has two Effects: a primary Effect and a secondary Effect.
The primary Effects, although their on-use is unique and different among Shards, will always have the same rule: they charge-up over time, and are then ready to use.
Secondary Effects will instead have unique mechanics and charge-ups or might be entirely passive.


On the UI you can see a Shard indicator on the right, which indicates the primary ability, and a secondary Icon on the left (in this case, a vial) which displays the secondary ability.
The Secondary Effect of this shard charges up whenever the player deals damage and is then ready to use once a limit is reached.


This particular Shard has its primary ability being a very strong and wide attack. Not only is the damage quite high, but it’ll also provide some utility, in the form of a short hop performed before the swing, and its damage greatly counting towards the charge-up of the secondary ability.

The secondary effect will instead provide a defensive tool, protecting the player from harm, and reacting to any aggression towards the player with a deadly counter-attack.


This is all for now. We’ve got some big events coming up in the next months, expect an update about those in a few days!

Till next time!

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