Eldest Souls

At the beginning of the world, there were the Gods. Some people say the Gods themselves created Midgard, but no one really knows. Absurd was our attempt to contains them, in a foolish act of Heresy. Imprisoned in the Citadel now, their revenge has taken away the world life essence, and we are now prisoners too, in this dying wasteland which we call home. The fight against them it’s a race against the doom of humanity. One Knight, one sword against them all.

Eldest Souls



Eldest Souls is a souls-like, pixel-art RPG. The Old Gods have long been imprisoned. Humanity has been prospering, with great Kingdoms arising on the now forsaken temples of worship. But no longer. In their final act of revenge, the Old Gods have unleashed a great Desolation upon the world. Farmlands turned to deserts, rivers to dust. The Great Crusade sent to slay the Imprisoned Gods once and for all, is all but vanished, and the human Kingdoms are in disarray. A lone Warrior approaches the Citadel, ancient prison of Gods. His objective is one: slay them all.

In Eldest Souls, the player will explore the vast, forgotten Citadel, in search of the Old Gods. The temple-prison will contain a great deal of NPC’s , quests and mysteries. Encounters with the Old Gods will be…deadly. With a fast-paced, exciting action combat, every instant counts. But fortune favors the bold and defeating the Old Gods will grant the player powers beyond mortal comprehension.


  • website3.pngThe Old Gods: Slaying Gods is no easy task. Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by brutal, challenging encounters, in which Only the most unrelenting will make it through.
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    Dying world:
    Explore and discover the mysterious, ancient Citadel. Prison of the Old Gods, this monument of the Human’s triumph has long be forgotten, and something dark has taken root deep within its mazes.
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    Progress & Adapt:
    Every encounter will the Old Gods will be a unique, new challenge. Claim their power, unlock various Talents and Abilities, and slay them all.
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